Welcome to the Calling All Choir

Rehearsals start October 27th!

Please join us in community and song October 27th at 7-9:15 pm, at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church (500 De Haro St., San Francisco). Our first rehearsal will be a celebration of community and coming together after so long away from singing. New members are welcome to join our first few rehearsals as well but come to the first one if you can.

If you are excited to sing with us for the entire season (October 27, 2021 – March 3rd, 2022) please register and pay online. This will save a lot of time at our first rehearsal. Our registration process has changed a little bit, so please follow the directions online. We will be requesting our members to sign a liability limitation in addition to agreeing to abide by our member handbook

Given the current health environment, we will be making some changes to our rehearsals. Most importantly, all participants, of any age, must be fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. If you aren’t vaccinated we can’t in good conscience let you participate. Please bring your proof of vaccination (CDC vaccination card or CA State digital vaccination record) and a government-issued photo identification to the first rehearsal you attend. You may also provide a copy of your vaccination record to us during online registration. 

Please bring a mask that you will be comfortable wearing and singing in. We will have some masks available, but your own is best. All participants will be required to wear a mask when inside at all times. As public health guidance adapts, so will we. Please see our full health and safety protocol for more detailed information. 

Our current requested participation fees are $425, $525, and $575. It is free for people 19 and younger. Please note that we have suspended our work-trade program. We welcome conversations with those in financial need. None are turned away for lack of funds.  

First rehearsal: October 27th at 7 pm, at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church (500 De Haro St., San Francisco)

Season Dates: Every Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 – March 3rd, 2021. Except for November 24th, December 22, and December 29, 2021.

“Mark embodies whatever feeling we put out and lets us know that he is high on us, and then let’s us get high off him.”

“The Choir has brought this shower singer out of the closet (or shower). Who needs team sports when you have a group of people who play and sing beautifully together under the guidance of gifted teacher and composer, Mark Growden.”

“I feel lucky to have an opportunity to sing with such an amazing group of singers.  From the first night, Mark’s arrangements and the richness of sound that came together was just awesome. Thanks for calling me to the Calling All Choir!”

“Choir has turned out to be so much better than my wildest expectations. The bar is high but the supports, resources, and music education that the director Mark Growden and his team supply, ensure that anyone willing to sing, can–even someone with a thin voice and hearing aids like myself. If you want to sing, check it out”

“I was the complete newbie who was affected enough by last year’s finale to take a chance and go to Song Camp. The Choir experience has exceeded my expectations! I’m an extreme novice beginner, who with an enthusiastic gifted director and community spirit, has begun to discover one’s voice enough to perform in this season’s finale!”

“What a fantastic performance. A bright & unbridled night!”

“I leave rehearsals feeling enlivened. I feel inside the music – something I’ve never felt as an audience member.  What’s funny is that at best I’m an average singer. But in that setting, I don’t hear my own voice.  I hear the voices of all the parts and it lifts me up.”

“I am so glad I was there to witness such a beautiful event!  The feelings I had while listening were so heart-centered.”

“In the Spring Finales, when Mark gave us the signal to give it all…  I was down in the front row so I heard and felt everyone do just that – give their all.  Wow.  I felt like the Grinch who Stole Christmas where my heart suddenly grew.”