Registration Open Now for new and returning members to our 2014 Fall Season.  Rehearsals begin week of September 8. Sing with us!

The Calling All Choir is an inclusive, service-based community singing organization. We are building a broad community of people who want to sing, from those who haven’t sung before to seasoned professionals. We also share the joy of singing with underserved communities such as retirement homes, residential treatment centers, and developmental disability programs.

Rehearsals take place in both San Francisco and The East Bay.

“The Choir has brought this shower singer out of the closet (or shower). Who needs team sports when you have a group of people who play and sing beautifully together under the guidance of gifted teacher and composer, Mark Growden.”

Wendy BeckChoir member

“I feel lucky to have an opportunity to sing with such an amazing group of singers.  From the first night, Mark’s arrangements and the richness of sound that came together was just awesome. Thanks for calling me to the Calling All Choir!”

Susa FrankelChoir member, tenor

“What a fantastic performance. A bright & unbridled night!”

Nan CrawfordAudience participant
“I leave rehearsals feeling enlivened. I feel inside the music – something I’ve never felt as an audience member.  What’s funny is that at best I’m an average singer. But in that setting, I don’t hear my own voice.  I hear the voices of all the parts and it lifts me up.”
Julie GalvanChoir member, soprano

“I am so glad I was there to witness such a beautiful event!  The feelings I had while listening were so heart-centered.”

Kathleen QuinnAudience participant

“In the Spring Finales, when Mark gave us the signal to give it all…  I was down in the front row so I heard and felt everyone do just that – give their all.  Wow.  I felt like the Grinch who Stole Christmas where my heart suddenly grew.”

Julie GalvanChoir member, soprano

“Unbelievably powerful – to be surrounded by a hundred singing voices. A rare and marvelous experience.”

Diane GibbsChoir member, alto