What kind of music do you sing?
We have a different theme each season. Our current season’s theme is music by female composers and arrangers and includes works from Sweden, the Middle East, the American South, Finland, Germany, and more. Some pieces are historic, others contemporary – some are “classical” and some are folkloric.

You mean, I don’t have to be a trained singer?
No, although many of our singers are highly trained. Our group functions so well because of the mix of skill levels. If you love to sing, come sing with us.

Do I need to know how to read music?
It helps, but isn’t required. We provide some music literacy training.

Do you give Concerts?

Season Finales: We conclude each season with season finale concerts at the Mission Dolores Basilica in San Francisco.

Service Sings: We bring music to underserved groups by performing for no fee at venues such as hospitals, retirement homes, residential treatment centers, and developmental disability programs.

Regional Shows: We are often invited to perform at venues around the state.

Note: There is no requirement that every member sing in the concerts, but we enthusiastically recommend the experience.

Where does the Choir meet?
Rehearsals are held at St. Gregory of Nyssa Church in San Francisco (Potrero Hill).