UPDATED: CAC Tour to the Baltic Countries Summer 2018

The Calling All Choir is planning a tour to four countries around the Baltic Sea (Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) in the summer of 2018. We’ll give a concert in each country and have the chance to experience these places in which community choral singing is at the center of the culture. We are working a with a company called ACFEA Tour Consultants, who will handle the organization of all aspects of the tour.

On the evening of April 21, 2017 Jefferson Packer from ACFEA gave a presentation to many of us who are interested in joining the tour.

Here is a downloadable version of his Powerpoint into which the audio has been inserted.

Here is a downloadable version of the audio recording of the presentation and discussion.

And here is a movie of the Powerpoint and audio mixed together:

Anyone who plans to sing in the Baltic concerts would need to participate with the choir during the preceding spring 2018 season, since we’ll be performing that material on the tour. We will be focusing on American music, including a good amount of original music by our Artistic Director, Mark Growden. And we’ll be singing a song from each country of our visit.

The tour is scheduled to start around June 19, 2018. The tour will last 11 days and will be a round trip from SFO. The estimated cost will be between $3531 and $3800 per person (depending on how many people join). This cost will include airfare to Helsinki and back from Vilnius, travel within the Baltic states, accommodation for nine nights, breakfast every day, four dinners together, guided tours in each city, as well as everything that goes into making a concert tour successful. A guide from the tour company will meet us at the airport and stay with us throughout the tour.

In addition to performing and seeing the sights, we hope to connect with one or more local folkloric groups. We might see some performances, sing together, take a workshop with them, toast each other with local beer, do some folk dancing…who knows?

Family members of all ages will be welcome on the tour, but the majority of our participants should be singers. We’ll need at least 30 choristers to make the tour work. If your family members want to come, hotel rooms can be configured accordingly (double or triple rooms). Male singers are especially encouraged to join us!

If you’re interested in arranging your own airfare (e.g. to use points for your fare), you would still need to pay $300 to the tour company. Jefferson has also offered to help out with arranging alternative travel dates for those of us who would like to arrive earlier, leave later, or depart to alternate destinations.

A deposit of $200 from each tour participant will be required by June 30, 2017. But you can sign up for the tour after that date. The balance of the tour price will be due by March 1, 2018 (we’ll be finalizing the price when we have a final count of participants).

This will be a trip of a lifetime, and at a very good price! Join us to learn more, even if, for the moment, this seems only like a dream. Dreams do come true!

If you have burning questions before the meeting, ask in the comments of this event or email Sasha Wertheim at sashasquash@gmail.com.
Sasha will be the primary liaison with the tour company. The Baltic Tour Team is composed of Sasha Wertheim, Ruth Tringham, and Kim Frazar Blantz (and Mark Growden).

Update (8/27/2017)

There is still time for Calling All Choir members to express your interest in/commitment to participation in the CAC tour of the Baltic Countries in June 2018. 

If you’re just now jumping off the fence in the direction of the Baltic, here is the link to let us know you’re inhttps://goo.gl/forms/iNCIQ6f9kdLMCQ4g2

We really need people to register as soon as possible for this trip of a lifetime. If you are prepared to pay a deposit of $300 to secure your place in the CAC tour of the Baltic Countries, go to the tour’s MindBody website where you can register and pay your deposit.