New members

The Spring 2020 Season begins on February 5th. You may “drop-in” on our first rehearsal to see if we’re a good fit for you (you can pre-register for the first-night drop-in rehearsal here). Feel free to bring a friend and find out what it’s like to sing in our choir. We request a donation of $20 to help offset rehearsal costs.


Returning members

Sing with us again! Please pre-register for the Spring 2020 season. Pre-registration lets us know how many people are singing with us and helps with pre-season expenses. Register to sing with one payment or via installments. For work trade or other payment options select RSVP on the one-time payment page and let us know your preferences or questions.

Make sure you don’t miss week one; we will learn new material starting the first rehearsal! We are rehearsing in the same location, but only on Wednesday evenings.

Date: Wednesday, Feburary 5th, 2020

Rehearsal begins promptly at 7 pm and runs until 9:15 pm

Location: St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church – 500 De Haro St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Listen to some of the pieces we will be singing this season.

Here are some pieces from previous seasons (you can find videos of the choir performing many of these pieces in the CAC YouTube channel performance playlist):

  • Earth Seen from Above – Meredith Monk
  • Bring Me Little Water Silvy – Leadbelly, arr. Moira Smiley
  • Be Like the Bird – Abbie Betinis
  • Lockung – Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel – German
  • Reunion – Bobbie Gentry, arr. Growden
  • I Himmelen – Karin Rehnqvist – Swedish
  • Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär – Clara Schumann – German
  • Lammaa Badaa Yatathanna – Shireen Abu-khader – Arabic
  • O Frondens Virga – Hildegard von Bingen – arr. Drew Collins – Latin
  • Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta – Traditional Finnish, arranged by Janika Vandervelde
  • Bárïñia (Mistress) – Veronica Sichivitsa – Russian
  • O Virtus Sapientiae – Hildegard von Bingen – Latin
  • Bogoróditse Djévo – Arvo Pärt – Estonia
  • Bogoróditse Djévo – Stravinsky
  • Panda Chant II – Meredith Monk
  • Ingrian Evenings (Excerpts) – Veljo Tormis
  • Agnus Dei – Tomás Luis de Victoria
  • Laulusild – Veljo Tormis
  • Sydämeni laula – Jean Sibelius
  • SolfeggioArvo Pärt – Estonia
  • Earth Song – Frank Ticheli
  • La Martiniana – Arr. David Conte – Mexico
  • Good Night, Dear Heart – Dan Forrest
  • Barechu – Solomone Rossi – Italian Renaissance
  • Pärismaalase lauluke (An Aboriginal Song) – Veljo Tormis – Estonia
  • Anoj Pusėj Dunojėlio – Vaclovas Augustinas – Lithuania
  • Bėkit bareliai – M.K. Čiurlionis – Lithuania
  • Past Life Melodies – Sarah Hopkins – Australia
  • Estrela E Lua Nova – Heitor Villa-Lobos – Brazil
  • I Shall No More to Sea – Matthew Harris
  • Tallis’ Canon – Thomas Tallis – Elizabethan England
  • When that I Was and a Little Tiny Boy – Matthew Harris
  • Alabama, Mississippi – Bessie Jones and Martin Luther King Jr. – The American South
  • A Szeleknek Lengo – Hungarian Traditional
  • Hamba Lulu – arr. Mike Brewer – Zambia

…and multiple compositions by our Artistic Director, Mark Growden

Our  two-hour rehearsals are Wednesday nights in San Francisco.  Mark Growden, the Music Director, is joined by our Assistant Artistic Director Ann Jones each rehearsal to lead vocal exercises and help members learn and refine the music.

The season includes

  • Finales – We play at least two public performances with dress rehearsals, giving all members valuable experience of sharing music with an audience.
  • Service Sings – This is when we take our music to senior homes, hospitals, and other underserved communities.

We also offer sectionals and “big sings” on a donation/pay what you can basis to cover the costs of our musical staff.

  • Sectionals – 1.5 hour intensive rehearsals with your voice section – soprano, alto, tenor, bass.
  • Big Sings – two-hour weekend gatherings with the full choir for singing, fun, and fellowship.

Each rehearsal begins with vocal warm-ups that incorporate movement and play. Traditional folk dance often is included, which is why we meet in a large, open hall with room to move. Then we move into our repertoire, often breaking into smaller groups with our section leaders to learn our parts.  The evening closes with a mini-dance party, to send us off smiling. (Chairs are always on hand to accommodate physical comfort.)

With rehearsals are Wednesdays in San Francisco. At St. Gregory’s Epicopal Church (500 De Haro Street). Rehearsal begins promptly at 7pm (please arrive early) and finish at 9pm.

We work on a sliding scale. Everyone can find the right level of financial support. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Pricing tiers are found below.

We encourage you to pay the higher tiers as our rent for the rehearsal space has gone up 60% from last year. This season, we are also including more sectionals – three per section. The sectionals, rehearsals, and multiple performance opportunities are all included in the below pricing.

Pricing Tiers
Members can pay in full or in monthly installments.
Tier 1 – $420
Tier 2 – $500
Tier 3 – $580

Sheet music costs are included inthe member dues.

In exchange for discounted dues, work trade members contribute approximately 12 hours per season (3 hr/mo). A limited number of Work Trade positions are available. Tasks include Rehearsal Coordinators, Concert Coordinators, Website Manager, Administrative Helpers, and others. Please have a conversation with the work trade coordinator at rehearsal to ask about availability.

To make our singing environment most enjoyable and inclusive, we ask all Calling All Choir members to commit to the following:

  • Regular attendance – Your ongoing presence and participation is essential. When people miss rehearsals, it takes us time as a group to catch up. We understand that sometimes absences are unavoidable. If you have to miss your regular weekly rehearsal, we ask that you please attend one of the other weekly rehearsals. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal for an entire week, we ask that you attend two rehearsals the prior or following week. If the director or one of the rehearsal assistants feel that you have fallen behind, you must schedule a private lesson at the standard rate of $60 to catch up.
  • All members are required to attend the dress rehearsals.
  • Punctuality – Our rental time begins at 7pm. We encourage you to come early to visit. Rehearsals begin promptly at 7:00pm. Please be ready to sing at that time.
  • Concentration and attention during rehearsal – Though we are at times very playful, please avoid side conversations during rehearsals. Come early or socialize during  the breaks.
  • Practice on your own. Please use the resources on to practice your parts at home. The password for the members area will be given after registering.
  • Memorize the songs – Please learn the songs. You’ll have a lot more fun if you do. (So will everyone around you.)  If you do not know your parts by a reasonable stage in the season, you will be required to take private lessons at the standard $60 rate. If you do not follow through with the lessons, you will be subject to dismissal from the current season of the choir.
  • No negative comments about other singers’ vocal abilities. If you feel there is an issue, please do not discuss it. Send an email to Mark about it and he will address the issue.
  • Pitch Matching  – We accept all new members, but for the choir to function, all members need to be able to match. If after the first two to three weeks you are still having trouble matching pitch, you will be required to take private lessons at the standard $60 rate. This can really make a difference. If after taking private lessons you are still unable to match pitch, we will have the right to dismiss you from the current choir season. If this is the case we encourage you to continue with private lessons and join us for the next choir season. This policy is in place for the benefit of the larger group.
  • No perfume or strongly scented lotions, hair or body products. Some of us are allergic.
  • As a courtesy, please notify us if you decide to stop coming to rehearsals or discontinue your membership in the choir.

Love Calling All Choir? We knew you would!

Visit our Viewcy site to register online.

  1. We offer refunds, minus $25 per rehearsal week and a $30 administrative fee, within 30 days of the first rehearsal. No refunds after March 21st for the Spring 2018 season. If you’re paying in installments, full payment is still due if you cancel more than 30 days after the first rehearsal.
  2. All refunds must be requested by choir members via email to .
  3. Refund will be mailed to you within 30 days if paid by cash or check. If payment was through MindBody, you will receive a credit back on your credit card.

“When you sing with a group of people, you learn how to subsume yourself into a group consciousness because a capella singing is all about the immersion of the self into the community.  That’s one of the great feelings – to stop being me for a little while and to become us.  That way lies empathy, the great social virtue.”

-Brian Eno